Managing Change – The Achilles Heel of Content Marketing?

It was a beautifully warm and sunny day in California at Cisco headquarters in San Jose.

I had just been given the nod that I was going to be promoted to lead a global team of marketers

This position was the summit of my own personal Everest I had been climbing for years

I was utterly thrilled.

Over the previous two years Cisco had been on an amazing journey. An initiative to prove that marketing was more than a cost centre. To prove the $ value of marketing through delivering Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

We smashed our initial targets before the fiscal was out. But I still didn’t feel we had a grown up seat at the table. Specifically, in the segment I was working in, there were a lot of “high touch” accounts where account managers didn’t always smile with glee when a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) popped into their (SFDC) dashboard. Fair enough. It’s a bit tough to sell the idea that reading one blog secured a million dollar deal.

To get a sense of context and to start kicking around ideas on how to redress the balance I started maxing out my Starbucks card on campus talking to the teams to get their perspective.

In one of the conversations I was told our social media rock star was about to leave….

No! The team can’t deliver without her I thought. What was the problem?

It became apparent that in her role over 80 subject matter experts and 20 marketing managers had been throwing content to this lovely person on a daily basis with the instruction to “amplify” the content.

What can we do to help I asked? “An editorial calendar would be helpful….”

I thought, surely we can organize ourselves to solve this problem?

So..I took to Google: Search “Editorial Calendar”


And so I disappeared down the rabbit hole of content marketing

And so I disappeared down the rabbit hole of content marketing

This is it! I thought! Content marketing is awesome!

Content Marketing is the saviour of the B2B marketing profession! If we can prove an end to end content attribution model on the content we create we can drag our discipline away from being seen [by some engineering teams] as experts in sourcing pens and t-shirts for events!

Yes! My marketing degree, my IDM and CIM qualifications were worth those blood sweat and tears!

We will create engaging content that is so useful customers would almost be willing to pay for it. And we will use our most basic form of human connection: storytelling.

Media giants across the globe should be shaking in their boots with the prospect of brands building newsrooms!

Content Marketing will finally secure our seat at the table when we demonstrate our value to the business! And they will stop cutting our budgets and see us at being at the heart of the business and not a cost centre!

So what could possible go wrong?

According to legend, Achilles was extraordinarily strong, courageous and loyal, but he had one vulnerability–his “Achilles heel.”

On Wednesday 22nd June at the B2B Marketing Summit 2016. I will propose that change management is content marketing’s Achilles heel

In true content marketing style. I will share my thoughts on the top 5 rooky change management mistakes not to make.

Look forward to seeing you there


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