I like to challenge conventional thinking. And I love solving problems.

Finding smarter ways to create great customer experiences and achieve results is what it’s all about for me. It’s taken me across a vast number of countries and industries – from San Jose to Beijing, from Cisco to LinkedIn and now Microsoft.

And I love to get my geek on with teams and clients alike. Artificial Intelligence? Infrastructure Migration? Secure Hybrid Cloud? It’s all good. For me, it’s about getting to the why? And helping engineers translate their products into stories that resonate with their audiences to generate demand.

We study the data together and then get creative as a team. When our ideas come to fruition, when we start solving problems and getting results – that’s what I love most about my work.

I’m deeply passionate about how technology changes lives, sailing and scuba diving with a content marketing and agile marketing obsession.

My children are my greatest fans and greatest critics. They always surprise and delight me with little insights about who I am.  They remind me every day how important it is to do what I love and love what I do.